Lake Idro

Set like a diamond among the lush greenery of the surrounding peaks, so as to enjoy moments of relaxation in the company of your nearest and dearest.

On the lake of Idro, in the municipality of Anfo (Loc. Reperone-Sant’Antonio), this new complex is built, with elegant and highly sought-after finishes.
A complex made up of 6 apartments, with independent entrance and large grounds around. the apartments “Tiglio and Faggio” have an exclusive and heated outdoor jacuzzi

The complex is in a quiet and peaceful location, about 230 metres from Lake Idro’s mirror, just a few kilometres from the main centre but within easy reach.

All apartments are equipped with every comfort, they have parking areas, a garden and a sun deck. From April 2021 we offer the opportunity to enjoy excellent rich and nutritious breakfasts with local products.

How to reach

Rocca d’Anfo Charming Lake View can be reached from three roads:

  • From the valley from Caffaro via the strada provinciale 237 with private access.
  • From higher ground via Via dei Casali, coming from either Trento (north) or from Brescia (south).


The property is surrounded by greenery and all apartments have complete and extensive views of Lake Idro, as well as mountain views.
The view stretches 180 degrees, to the south with the monumental Rocca d’Anfo, to the north on Ponte Caffaro and the backdrop mountains of the Adamello group of the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Valle Giudicarie.

It is located in a very beautiful and scenic context from a landscape and environmental point of view.

All home comforts

Panoramic view and strategic location: Lake Garda is a few kilometres away. (Sirmione 34 km and 29 km from Riva del Garda)

Private entrance

All the privacy you are looking for


Free inside the property


Garden equipped with outdoor furniture and umbrellas

Pet allowed

In Colleincanto your 4-legged friends are welcome


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Private bathroom

Outdoor furniture

Panoramic Lake View

Courtesy set

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Free Wi-fi

L'appartamento perfetto ti aspetta
Sentiti a casa


s a consultant forestry doctor, a lover of nature who, with the family Papotti, has created the charming Colleincantopark and children’s farm.

is a student in languages, Emanuela and Mirco’s granddaughter and future partner in the company.

is a civil engineer who runs a construction company with his brother Corrado and Dad Eugenio. In creating the buildings in Anfo he wanted to share with everyone the beautiful view of the lovely lake of Idro set in the mountains and make these apartments into holiday apartments.

She is a mother to 2 children and she loves to play with them lots. She takes care of the restaurant and the activities of “Parco e Agriturismo Colleincanto”.